Harmony and spiritual unity for an ethnically diverse nation

Ministry in Macedonia

The Orthodox Church has the largest following in Macedonia. Communist rule from the 1940s-1990s drove out all of the Protestant denominations until a bare handful of believers remained. When the Communist rule fell, only one tiny church still stood. The traditions of the Orthodox Church keep many from experiencing the full joy of knowing Jesus. But the truth of God’s Word opens hearts and minds, and shows people that ritual and tradition will not save.

Macedonia also has a high population of Roma, or Gypsy, people. These people are mostly Muslim, and live in poverty and despair. Over the years and decades, they have learned to live with hopelessness.

Local champions who have received training are now active among dozens of unreached locations and they aim to develop long-lasting relationships with their communities so that God’s church will grow and have a firm foundation.

Starting New Churches

The following six areas detail our approach to starting new churches.

Your gift will directly help support the training of individuals to transform their communities by learning how to plant churches.

You can find out more about our Starting New Churches Ministry, and read more real life stories, on this page.

Children's Ministry in Macedonia

Children's Clubs are a bridge for churches to reach out to families. When children’s lives are changed, parents become curious. Children’s Ministry Workers build trust with parents as they show love to their children and provide a healthy, structured program for them.

The church planters’ only limitation in reaching out to the thousands of children waiting to join the exciting Children's Clubs is the resources available.

Children's Clubs

The Children’s Club consists of a five day module, in which the church planters strive to develop relationships with the children. This includes the following features.

Many of the children continue to attend Sunday School classes offered by the church planters. Seeing the change in their children, many parents begin attending church services and accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

One child can change a family, a community and a nation.

You can find out more about our Children's Ministry, and read more real life stories, on this page.

About Macedonia

Macedonia is a country located in the central Balkan peninsula in southeast Europe. A landlocked country, the Republic of Macedonia is bordered by Kosovo to the northwest, Serbia to the north, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south and Albania to the west.

Capital: Skopje
Population: 2.1 million
Human Development Index: 84th (out of 187 countries)
Life expectancy: 75.2 years
Religion64.8% Macedonian Orthodox, 33.3% Muslim, 0.4% other Christian, 1.5% other and unspecified

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