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Adult Ministry in Kenya

Bible Lessons in Kenya’s Slums

Saada is a young widow with three children, she earned less than $1 a day – not nearly enough to take care of her family. She felt hopeless, defeated and terrified. But with the support of our donors, we helped transform Saada’s life.

We invited her to a year-long Bible study program in Kiambu slum, where she lived. “Through the leader of our Bible study, I confessed my sins and gave my life to Christ!” Saada says. She also received Bible-based lessons to help her break out of poverty, support her family, and plan for the future.

Today, God has blessed Saada with a co-owned salon, and enough income to meet her needs. Now, she wants to expand her business and open a training college for other women trapped in poverty. Saada also wants to share her story with others around her: Jesus Christ, through His Word, has given her a chance at new life.

Thousands of people in Kenya’s slums are desperate for the hope of the gospel. You can give someone that opportunity today by supporting this Bible study program. Together, we can help to transform Kenya’s slums through God’s Word! Your support can help to bring the Good News of Jesus to people who have never heard it. You can help to support us here.

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Working with our local partners, we use the Word of God to teach men and women how to read and write. Each lesson goes beyond basic literacy: we teach practical life skills such as hygiene, sanitation and small business skills. Every part of our literacy program is infused with the Biblical perspective, helping students see their true worth in the eyes of Jesus. New practical and spiritual tools help these men and women mature in their faith and confidently walk into their God-given future.

You can find out more about our Adult Ministry, and read more real life stories, on this page.

About Kenya

The Republic of Kenya lies along the Indian Ocean to its southeast and equator cutting almost at the center east to west. It is bordered by Somalia to the northeast, Ethiopia to the north, South Sudan to the northwest, Uganda to the west and Tanzania to the south. Lake Victoria, which is the source of river Nile, the longest river in Africa is situated to the southwest, and is shared together with Uganda and Tanzania. Kenya has numerous wildlife reserves containing thousands of animal species. The country is named after Mount Kenya, a significant landmark and second among Africa’s highest mountain peaks.

Capital: Nairobi
Population: 46 million
Human Development Index: 147th (out of 187 countries)
Life expectancy: 61.7 years
Religion47.4% Protestant, 23.3% Catholic, 11.8% non-denominational, 11.1% Muslim, 4% other, 2.4% non-religious

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Main photograph by Angela Sevin. Licensed by CC BY 2.0