Bringing the Gospel to the largest unreached nation on earth

Starting new churches in India

Emerging from one of the world’s oldest civilizations, India is a land rich in history, religion and culture. Historically, the Indian subcontinent was a region of trade routes and vast empires, identified with its commercial and cultural wealth. Today, India maintains its greatness as the seventh largest geographical country and the second most populous country in the world. Yet it faces major challenges such as poverty, persecution and illiteracy.

The Starting New Churches program is an intensive one-year action and reflection orientated program that offers practical skills, biblical training, mentoring and follow-up. It is summarized in the five following steps.

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The real life impact of this ministry

Reach the Untouchables

For generations, the Hindu caste system dictated an individual’s place in Indian society.

Lilanti was born a Dalit – or an “untouchable” – which meant her place was at the very bottom. She was an “outcaste” and regarded by many as worthless – like a broken tea cup that’s meant to be crushed and discarded.

Today in India, the caste system is officially outlawed. Yet more than 200 million Dalits like Lilanti continue to be reviled, shunned, insulted and abused – simply for being born in the wrong caste.

Imagine what the Good News of God’s unconditional love would mean for Dalits in India! You can help offer someone this transforming message of freedom, acceptance and the real hope in Christ today.

Your gift will equip church planters to share the Gospel with people who are hungry to hear of God’s unconditional love. Your gift today can help transform a life from a “clay cup” into a precious vessel of God’s redeeming love!

During the course of their training, each church planter typically plants 1-3 churches, allowing them reach many more people in their communities in the years to come.

Only with your help can we proclaim the Gospel to those who desperately need to know they are loved – and not cursed – by God. Help share the Good News of Jesus with India’s Dalits today. Your support can help to bring the Good News of Jesus to people who have never heard it. You can help to support us here.

Can you support new churches in India?

Your gift will directly help support the training of individuals to transform their communities by learning how to plant churches.

You can find out more about our Starting New Churches Ministry, and read more real life stories, on this page.

Children’s ministry in India

Did you know that one out of every five children on earth lives in India? That’s a pretty staggering statistic—and the tragedy is most of these boys and girls grow up expecting little joy in life.
  • 35% of school-aged kids are not in school. Instead, many of them are forced to work—often in hazardous conditions.
  • A girl is often seen as a “burden” because her parents will be required to pay an expensive dowry when she marries. Child marriage is also common. (In fact, over 40% of girls in India are married by age 18.)
  • The caste system condemns millions to a life of degrading labor and social invisibility.

But kids in India are finding joy and hope in Jesus at Children’s Bible Clubs in their communities. During the program, kids discover a loving Savior.

The Bible Clubs are led by volunteers, who are equipped with in-depth training and materials in five age levels. At the end of the Club, our ministry partners report back on the results.

The real impact of this ministry

What happens when you help launch a Children’s Bible Club in a community? You make a social, educational, and spiritual impact on kids in India and their families. You help:

  • Introduce the God who made each child in His image
  • Teach children to pray and expect answered prayers
  • Teach good nutrition and personal hygiene
  • Encourage parents to send their kids to school
  • Teach kids to share their faith with friends and family
  • Inspire children to serve their communities and become future leaders

Many kids enrolled in Children's Bible Clubs make a decision to follow Jesus. And these children are bringing their parents to Christ, children just like Priya!

Priya: An alcoholic’s daughter

After working in the fields all day, Priya’s dad came home drunk—and turned violent. He beat Priya’s mom.

One night, Priya and her mom tried to stop him from drinking at home. Priya’s kicked and slapped them both—and showed no mercy. Nine-year-old Priya managed to escape and ran out of their hut. Sobbing, she raced to a corner of the village and sat down. The marks on her skin burned and ached.  A bible’s club leader named Manita was in the neighborhood and saw Priya crying and asked what the matter was. Shaking and crying, Priya told her the whole story.

Manita walked Priya home. She introduced herself to Priya’s mom and prayed for Priya’s dad. Priya soon began attending Manita’s Bible Club. She loved the songs and stories! At home, Priya told her mom about the love of Jesus.Priya prayed that Jesus would transform her father. And her dad stopped drinking and is no longer abusive!

Today, Priya and her whole family attend church together. Pray that they all receive Jesus their Savior.

Your support can help to bring the Good News of Jesus to people who have never heard it. You can help to support us here.

Can you support Children's Bible Club today?

It costs just $20 for one student to attend a Children’s Bible Club. Please consider how many people you would like to support and give your gift today.

You can find out more about our Children's Ministry, and read more real life stories, on this page.

Adult Ministry in India

There is a tremendous hunger for Bible-based Literacy training in India. Together with God’s help and our mission partner in the field, Bible League Canada is bringing Adult Bible-based Literacy classes to communities who otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn how to read, write or gain basic math skills.

Through the Adult Bible-based Literacy program, Bible League Canada offers men and women vital reading, writing and math skills—and the life-changing truth of the gospel. The literacy classes meet every evening, five days per week for 52 weeks. During this time the students, mostly women, learn to read and do arithmetic at the grade five level. Graduates also learn basic social and economic skills which they learn to apply in everyday life.

The real life impact of this ministry

A mourning mother finds new purpose

An alarming number of women cannot read or write in India. 200 million Indian women are waiting for the opportunity to become literate. Our Bible-based literacy classes have brought amazing life transformation to many of these poverty-stricken women, including one special mother named Kajani.

Kajani was heartbroken over the loss of her son and daughter. Looking at her big smile now, you’d never guess that Kajani once summed up her life in one word: vanthanai. Painful. Watch her story in the video below.

Kajani grew up worshipping her family’s Hindu god. She practiced “pain sacrifices” such as piercing her cheeks and walking on hot coals, as well as weekly practices to gain prosperity.

Nothing went right,” Kajani remembers. The first trial came when Kajani’s 12-year-old son started having health problems. Her in-laws counselled her: “Don’t take him to the hospital. If you do, our god will think you lack faith and will let your son die.” Without proper treatment, Kajani’s son passed away at the young age of 16.

Three months later, her nine-year-old daughter came down with chickenpox. Village tradition said a goddess inhabited the girl, and Kajani allowed neighbours to perform rituals on her daughter. They waved palm leaves and burned incense, and a week later, the young girl died. Kajani was crushed once again.

It’s my fault my children died,” thought Kajani.

The devastated mother doused herself in kerosene to be burned alive. Kajani’s husband stopped her just in time, and the two resolved to make a fresh start in a new village.

Kajani found new hope in an adult Bible-based literacy program

Kajani was excited to find that her new village offered an adult Bible-based literacy program. She had vowed to become literate years before when a group of men humiliated her at the bus stop. “This bus goes to the centre for prostitutes,” the men laughed when Kajani needed help reading the signs. From that day on, Kajani only traveled as far as her feet could carry her.

Things have changed now that Kajani can read and write. An Adult Literacy graduate, Kajani can take the buses and trains to visit her relatives each year. One day she helped a woman read the transportation signs and even paid her fare.

Kajani’s class also taught her to save money for the first time. She bought one small goat and started breeding it. Now, Kajani raises and sells at least ten goats each year – and thanks to her literacy skills, she gets a fair price.

Kajani received Jesus as her Saviour during the Bible-based literacy class

Kajani says Jesus is the most important thing she gained from her class. She handed over all her past troubles and learned that she was not guilty for the death of her children. The prayers of her classmates even healed Kajani’s health problems!

God’s Word has been my encouragement,” Kajani shares. “If I couldn’t read, I couldn’t be encouraged.”

Twenty people have come to know Christ through Kajani’s testimony.

Kajani’s heart is filled with peace for the first time. Her faith soon spread to her husband and 20 other people in her village, too. Kajani started congregation in her home and is being trained as a Church planter.

God is my source of hope, and telling others about Jesus has given my life new purpose,” Kajani says.

What word does Kajani use to describe her life now? Santhosam. Happiness.

Do you feel called to support Canada’s Adult Bible-Based Literacy Ministry? Find out how you can donate here. Help support the adult Bible-based literacy programs by clicking this link.

Can you support Adult Bible-based literacy in India?

It costs just $45 for one student to attend Adult Bible-based Literacy classes for one year. Please consider how many people you would like to support and give your gift today.

You can find out more about our Adult Ministry, and read more real life stories, on this page.

About India

India is the most ethnically diverse nation on earth, with more than 2,500 distinct people groups. Community and identity  are based on caste as much as on race and language. Geographically and politically, India dominates South Asia and the Indian Ocean. There are 28 union states and seven union territories.

Capital: New Delhi
Population: 1,252 million
Human Development Index: 135th (out of 187 countries)
Life expectancy: 66.4 years
Religion: 80.5% Hindu, 13.4% Muslim, 2.3% Christian, 1.9% Sikh, 1.9% other

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