Ministry in El Salvador

Centuries of oppression and 12 years of civil war have left social and psychological wounds in the country. Large numbers of youth are orphaned by absent fathers and are attracted to powerful maras (gangs). Pastors and congregations are needed in the country and the need for Jesus is immense – El Salvador is Spanish for ‘the Saviour’.

Starting New Churches

The Starting New Churches program is an intensive one-year action and reflection orientated program that offers practical skills, biblical training, mentoring and follow-up. It is summarized in the five following steps.

About El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America and is bordered to the north and west by Guatemala and to the north and east by Honduras. The volcanic landscape stuns newcomers and the people are typically quite welcoming. The tourist trade has boosted its economy after a long and difficult civil war. San Salvador, the capital, is located slightly southwest of the centre of the country. Volcanic activity has resulted in a thick layer of ash and lava on the highlands, creating a richly mineralized soil, ideal for coffee planting.

Capital: San Salvador
Population: 6.1 million
Human Development Index: 115th (out of 187 countries)
Life expectancy: 72.6 years
Religion: 57.1% Roman Catholic, 21.2% Protestant, 1.9% Jehovah's Witnesses, 0.7% Mormon, 2.3% other religions, 16.8% none

El Salvador
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