Setting the groundwork for a powerful revival

Why Ministry in Canada?

Canada is changing fast and the guiding light of the Gospel has been left behind. Our nation faces new spiritual challenges:

  • Scripture reading is at an all-time low
  • 19% of Canadians have no religious faith
  • Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish and Hindu practices are rising with immigration
  • Christianity has been removed from all national dialogue

Our organization sets an example for the entire nation by living true to Christ's Word. We are called to be leaders in Canada's revival, fulfilling the promise of Matthew 6:33 "As we seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, all these things will be given."

A Biblical foundation for Canada

We partner with Christian Ministry Organizations to reach the people of Canada who don't know Jesus. This work falls into three programs: Children's Ministry, Starting New Churches, and Adult Bible-Based Literacy. Our local partnerships help train leaders and place scriptures across Canada, setting the groundwork for a powerful revival through Jesus Christ.

Adult Literacy

Prisoners across Canada are coming to know Jesus as their personal Saviour through the Crossroad Prison Ministries Bible Study Correspondence program. As they learn more each day about Jesus, their lives are being transformed. There are still hundreds of men and women in prisons waiting to join this program. Your donation today starts a prisoner on a journey of transformation.

It costs only $100 to enrol a prisoner in a 12 week introductory Bible study program.

Children's Ministry

A passion for the Gospel, a burden for Canada.  Our partner presents the one hope we have in Jesus Christ to those Canadians who have the least opportunity to hear, especially youth and children.  As children learn more about Jesus through camp and gospel resources, their lives are being changed.   “This past summer we had over fifty kids at our local day camp and at the end of the week we sent each child home with a copy of the Manga Messiah book. Having access to the books meant that it was yet another way of sending the gospel message home with our campers.” (Kenosee Lake Bible Camp)

It costs only $5 to place a Gospel Resource into the hands of one child at camp.

It costs $125 to send one child to camp so they can hear about the hope in Jesus.

Starting New Churches

In recent years, God has been calling a number of pastors who have been burdened to start new churches in cities across Canada. Through our ministry partnership pastors are being trained to start new churches.  Our prayer and our desire is to partner together so that we can see the Body of Christ, working together, to see Canada transformed with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Please join us in praying for more pastors across Canada who would like to start new churches in the cities, where more and more new Canadians are settling with their families.

In Canada, costs are high to train and equip pastors with the skills they need to start new churches.  Canada is an established nation where the costs of living are higher than in other countries around the world.  Consider making a custom donation to support these pastors who are being trained. Your support makes a difference here in Canada.

About Canada

Our country has the second largest landmass in the world, and its 33.8 million people come from all backgrounds. We celebrate the rich cultural tradition kept alive by indigenous peoples and immigrants alike. The land is just as diverse: mountains, prairie grasslands and forests stand against sparsely populated arctic tundra.

Capital: Ottawa
Population: 35 million
Human Development Index: 8th (out of 187 countries)
Life expectancy: 81.5 years
Religion: 39% Catholic, 20.3% Protestant (includes 6.1% United Church, 5% Anglican, 1.9% Baptist, 1.5% Lutheran, 1.5% Pentecostal, 1.4% Presbyterian, 2.9% other Protestant), 6.3% other Christian, 3.2% Muslim, 1.6% Orthodox, 1.5% Hindu, 1.4% Sikh, 1.1% Buddhist, 1% Jewish, 0.6% other 0.6%, 23.9% none

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