Adult Ministry

Learning to read and write is the first step out of poverty

Illiteracy is still the stronghold that keeps millions of people in poverty around the world. Brushed off by society and lacking opportunity, many illiterate men and women feel a deep sense of unworthiness.

Bible-based literacy gives people dignity

Working with our local partners, we use the Word of God to teach men and women how to read and write. Each lesson goes beyond basic literacy: we teach practical life skills such as hygiene, sanitation and small business skills. Every part of our literacy program is infused with the Biblical perspective, helping students see their true worth in the eyes of Jesus. New practical and spiritual tools help these men and women mature in their faith and confidently walk into their God-given future.

We invite you to join us in supporting this powerful and foundational ministry. See how our Bible-based literacy programs are changing lives from the inside out with these personal stories.

Stories of Adult Ministry

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