Video: “It changed my life!” – an interview on 100 Huntley St

BFM on 100 Huntley St

Recently, the television program 100 Huntley Street featured a powerful story of how some volunteers at a Bibles for Missions (BFM) Thrift Store helped transform the life of a woman named Batoul.

Batoul came to Canada from Lebanon and moved to Calgary with her husband within the very first few weeks of their marriage. That move was not only a change of address for Batoul, but her life changed drastically too as her husband became abusive. For years Batoul faced an abusive situation, as did her kids. Finally, in 2006, Batoul was able to get out of that situation but found herself living in poverty and struggling to provide basic needs for her children. It was that financial struggle that led her to a BFM Thrift Store, where her life would change again – this time for eternity.

The interview is with Batoul herself, as well as Casey Langbroek – Executive Director of BFM Foundation (Canada).

Not only was Batoul helped practically and emotionally by BFM Thrift Stores, but she was helped Spiritually in being led to Christ. And not only Batoul, but her four children as well have placed their faith in Jesus and are growing up in His ways. We praise God for the change in Batoul’s life, and for the volunteers at BFM Thrift Stores that are impacting the joint ministry of BFM Foundation (Canada) and Bible League Canada, but also in their own communities.

BFM Foundation (Canada) and its 48 BFM Thrift Stores in Canada have been in joint ministry with Bible League Canada since 1989 and it’s great to see that lives are being transformed by Christ in unexpected ways and places.