How long will doors be open in Ethiopia?

$5 places a Bible

Smiling mother with child in Ethiopia

High Priest Berhanu runs his hands over his Amharic Bible. It is fairly new, but the pages are dog-eared and worn. He is one of the most respected priests in the ancient, traditional Church in Ethiopia. Contrary to what he was taught, he now believes with all his heart that Jesus, the Living Word of God, is the only way to salvation. Berhanu is a key coordinator in a renewal movement carried out by courageous clerics within the traditional church.

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In the past five years, with the help of partners, Bible placement and training has been the priority.

"Place the Bible in a cleric’s hands, and in just a few weeks a cleric will clearly see that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation," Berhanu says. "Thousands have been baptized! They begin to teach the Gospel with courage and excitement," he continues. "Now is the time for the Amharic people to hear the salvation message of Jesus Christ.”

“But we need more Bibles!”

Then you will know the truth,
and the truth will set you free.
John 8:32 (NIV)

When given access to a Bible in their language, Amharic- speaking Ethiopians learn what God truly says. But Amharic Bibles are scarce. The goal is to provide 5,000 Bibles today to begin to meet the need. Momentum is building!

You can provide Bibles, the Living Word of God, for the Amharic people.


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