Our neighbours were forgotten
Until now.

Local champions are reaching Canada’s forgotten immigrants and hurting First Nations people.

Beyond its rich history, strong economy and beautifully diverse society, Canada is home to a large Christian population. However, God’s work here is far from over.

A significant percentage of both Canada’s indigenous population and Canada’s recent immigrants are being marginalized. Many of them have never heard of or experienced the life-transforming power of the Gospel. But, with your help, we can empower local champions who are tirelessly working to share the Good News with Canada’s most marginalized groups.

Meet Derek Parenteau

Derek, along with his wife Tiffani, is working to share the love of God with Canada’s First Nations people.

Meet Siamak Keramat

Through the Holy Spirit’s guidance, Siamak is starting new churches that minister to Canada’s Farsi-speaking population.

Local champions like Derek and Siamak need your support.

When we look around our hometowns, it may seem like there are churches on every street corner. But there are neglected areas and marginalized people who have yet to hear the Good News. At Bible League Canada, we partner with leading agencies from across our nation to identify the areas of greatest need.

With your support, we can empower local champions with Biblical training and resources, so that the life-transforming message of the Gospel can be shared with the people that need it most.

You can bring hope to Canada's most marginalized communities.

Any donation can go a long way. The cost of training local champions to start new churches and equip them with Biblical resources in Canada is only $2,300.

The Living Word Transforming Lives

Bible League Canada brings the Living Word of God into the hands of people around the world. We don't just send North Americans on the ground to preach God's Word; we mentor local believers to install this powerful message within their communities.