Give God's hope to
Armenia's children

This summer, spread a message of joy to the
country's next generation!

30 years ago, two massive earthquakes ripped through Armenia. The children of Vandazor, the country's third largest city, are still dealing with the after effects today.

Hundreds of kids live in metal huts originally meant to just be temporary shelter. And it's here that a new generation of Armenian children are growing up cold, alone and forgotten by the world.

What type of impact will their living situation have on their lives? These children have no hope. These kids have no plans for their future. They're surrounded by poverty, sickness and desperation. But the love of Jesus can transform lives.


"I know that only the Word and the Light of God can change the lives of these children and then their families, and they can get hope and trust from God," says Sister Rima, one of our local champions in Armenia.


Will you help these children?

Local champions are leading children's Bible studies for these kids. As the children leave the metal hut, you can see the hope and excitement in  their eyes.

When they feel lost and alone in their shelters, the Word of God can give them joy. When others try to lead them astray - worldly temptations are especially powerful when you feel like you have nothing - the Holy Spirit's convictions can steer them toward what's right. When these children feel like they have lost it all, the Scripture shows them that they can enter the Kingdom of God.

With your support, local champions in Vandazor can:

Host children's Bible studies filled with fun activities built on the Gospel message.

Hand out illustrated children's Bibles and Biblical resources to spark joy and love in their hearts.

Teach these children God's plan for their lives, giving them hope where they have none.

Give each child the continued support of a trained teacher who can guide them, lead them and love them.


The Living Word Transforming Lives

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