Thousands of lives are being touched in Ecuador

Continuing Promise 2011

Katherine saw no reason to live – until she met Jesus. Before she found the love of God, Katherine’s life was broken. She had no peace or happiness.

But now it is different because I am a child of God,” Katherine shares. “It can be different for the young people of Loja, too!

Katherine now feels called to serve the young people of her community, helping them find new life purpose in God’s love.

Alejandro Castillo is another Ecuadorian who started on a destructive path. He was on his own from a young age, eventually ending up in jail. A Church leader came to his cell to share the Good News, and not only did Alejandro dedicate his life to Jesus, he also took up mentorship under this pastor. Alejandro is now training to become a Church leader in his own community, sharing his passion for Jesus with everyone he can reach.

Nearly 5,000 Ecuadorians have come to Christ this year

Our Church planters have seen incredible impact in Ecuador in the past year:

  • 8,723 lives have been touched
  • 310 Church planters have been mobilized
  • 4,900 Ecuadorians have made decisions to follow Christ
  • 613 new believers have followed God’s plan to be baptized

As people gather into small Bible study groups, they are introduced to the amazing promise of the Gospel. Each one that gathers has the opportunity to respond to this hope-filled message in an individual way.

The testimonies of Katherine and Alejandro are just small examples of the incredible work God is doing. With your support and prayers, our Church planters can do even more. We invite you to pray that this movement will continue to grow. Jesus is touching lives in Ecuador! Your support can help to bring the Good News of Jesus to people who have never heard it. You can help to support us here.