The Only Girl In School

Tinsae didn’t have high expectations for her future

Tinsae was the only girl from her village to attend high school. Most of her friends were kept back to cook, work on family farms, care for younger children, or become child brides.

Tinsae reflects on those difficult years: “The most I was expecting from life was to follow my elder sister who completed high school and went to Arab Country in search of employment opportunities as a housekeeper.”

Bible-based tutoring opened new doors for Tinsae

During grade 9, Tinsae had the opportunity to participate in a Bible-based education program. “Because of the help of the tutorial program I became one of the top 10 students in my class,” she reported at the end of the year. “This surprised not only me, but also my classmates and my teachers!

Because of the Bible-based educational program, Tinsae scored extremely well at the National School Leaving Examination. This gave her the opportunity to join College Preparatory Class. As Tinsae puts it, “In Grade 11 I scored an impressive average that gave me a strong hope of joining University.”

Now Tinsae is an inspiration to women in her community

Tinsae has received spiritual guidance and educational support from this program for the past three years. She faithfully attends a local Church and shares God’s Word with her parents.

This year, Tinsae will fulfill a dream she never thought possible: to attend University. She has become an inspiration to her community, especially to parents that previously held their daughters back from higher education. Tinsae is already a leader and change maker in her country, bringing a voice of hope to all women. Jesus has impacted every part of her life in an incredible way.

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