Spiritual and economic revival for an African slum

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The people of Korogocho saw no way out of poverty. Like everyone else in Kenya’s Korogocho slum, Pastor Omari and his family barely had enough to survive. His community faced several spiritual and economic challenges including crime, prostitution, rape, street life and violence. We partnered with an organization in Kenya to offer leadership training in Korogocho, and Pastor Omari was one of the first to sign up.

Leadership training helped Pastor Omari start his own business

Pastor Omari started a small class in his Church to share what he learned with others. Putting the lessons into practice, his family took out a loan to start a business selling clothes and handmade soap. Within seven months, Pastor Omari and his wife had completely repaid their loan.

Pastor Omari inspired 15 jobless people in his community to launch their own small businesses. The congregation used this money to purchase a plot of land and construct the first Church building. Now the preschool also serves as a daycare centre for orphans and at-risk youth who would otherwise be living on the streets.

The Korogocho slum has new tools to improve its economic situation

I couldn’t imagine being able to feed myself,” says one woman in the congregation. “But now by the grace of God, I am able to educate my children. I am now able to pay for my house rent, eat well, and also tithe to the church.

The Word of God broke the bondage of poverty in Korogocho, bringing newfound dignity and respect to its people.

Pastor Omari is one of 1,500 Church planters in Kenya, and together they have founded over 1,000 community savings and credit groups.

Kenya is on the brink of revival. Find out how to join us in our Starting New Churches Ministry by clicking this link.