Soaking in His Presence

Soaking in His Presence

When a busy day comes to an end, there is nothing better than sitting and relaxing; spending some much needed time by yourself or with family. Taking this time to relax allows us to reflect on our day and recharge for the one ahead. Just like we love to take this time for ourselves, God likes to spend some quality time with His children.

Soaking is a form of worship that can be done in the quiet moments of the day. Whether on the bus or at home, you can connect with God and spend a few minutes soaking in His presence. Some people sit in silence and pray, while others listen to worship music, read the Bible, paint or even go for a walk. This is your time to spend with God, free of distractions.


Reflecting on our relationship with God allows us to learn more about ourselves and His great love for us. If you are new to ‘soaking’ and don’t know where to start, imagine that you are sitting with God. What do you talk about? What questions do you have for Him? What are you doing together? These questions will help you to focus on Him, and relax in His presence.

The events of the day can sometimes leave us distracted and worried, but turning our attention to God and giving over all of our worries over to Him, can help us find peace and comfort. You are His child; He loves spending time with you!

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13 (ESV)