Sirpa’s Story


In one of the Adult Bible-Based Literacy classes that our group in India visited, they met Sirpa. Her story was so touching that we needed to share it with you. These are the lives that you are helping to transform through your support of Bible League Canada.

Sitting in the front row of the literacy in bright yellow and green, Sirpa was attentive to everything that was being taught.  As a widowed mother of two small children, she was actually not the typical participant in one of these classes. She had studied up until grade 9, and was able to both read and write, which put her far ahead of the rest of the class.

So why was Sirpa attending an adult literacy program? Because she saw the class as an opportunity to learn about something school had never taught her: how to provide for her children.  Then, along with this learning, she has also learned about Jesus for the first time. Sirpa says, “I am very thankful that my teacher allowed me into the class, and that she taught me about Jesus. The way she prays for me is very new, and I like it. I am still seeking Him out.”

Normally, an educated person like Sirpa would not have been allowed to attend this class. While her education sets her apart from the rest of the class, her Hindu background is very similar to the other women. For many of them, attending this class was the first time they have ever set foot inside a Christian church.  When asked about the transformations taking place in the class, many of the women noted the way their teacher prayed for them and how it was different from anything they had previously experienced.  When given the choice to practice their reading using the Bible or a newspaper, all of the women now choose to read the Bible! 

The class gave many of these women a sense of belonging, of community. They found boldness and friendship that they didn’t have prior to this class. They expressed how they are able to accomplish things they never could have dreamed before. 

These are the people that your support is having a profound impact on. God is using your generous gifts to impact individuals like Sirpa, and her classmates.  They are learning about their value in God’s eyes, and for the first time in their lives are experiencing a loving God who wants the best for them.