Sharing the Gospel one fiesta at a time

BLC sharing gospel fiesta (C) PS

You can help shape a nation by introducing children to Jesus Christ. That’s especially true in Ecuador, where almost a third of the population is under the age of 15.

You have an opportunity today to support the work of Children’s Bible Clubs in Ecuador, through which almost 2,000 children heard about Jesus last year. And more than half of these children chose to give their lives to Him at the club.

Many of these children are like Kevin, who lives in a remote, indigenous village near the Amazon River, where there are very few structured activities for children. In fact, most adults leave the village during the week to find work, and then spend the weekends drinking alcohol.

But thanks to the support of Canadians like you, a church planter saw the need and began a children’s program in Kevin’s village.

The church planter started by organizing a Fiesta de Colores, or Party of Colours, which is a five-day program of songs, skits, Bible stories and Scripture memorization.

Then the children were invited to a Children’s Bible Club that ran each week after the fiesta was done.

Kevin loved the fiesta and the club and he eagerly memorized Bible verses, which he shared with his parents at home. So now they too are learning about Jesus and new life in Him.

You can help organize more fiestas and Bible clubs for children in villages in the Amazon jungle and Andes Mountains.

Your gift will provide club materials, including Bibles, and help train local Christian volunteers to reach out the children in their villages and neighbourhoods.

Please respond today to support children’s ministry in Ecuador that will impact the lives of more children like Kevin, who says “I like coming to church and I would like be a pastor when I grow up.” Your support can help to bring the Good News of Jesus to people who have never heard it. You can help to support us here.