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Former Muslims are becoming followers of Jesus, and they are seeing Him more clearly through the Bible.

Muslims are taught to memorize the Quran - some memorize the whole book. When former Muslims receive a Bible, their desire is not just to read it, but to memorize it. When the Word of God is in their hands and in their minds, the Holy Spirit works in their hearts. They see Jesus clearly!

Through local champions, themselves former Muslims, you can help place 60,000 Bibles in the hands of these new believers so God can place His Word in their hearts. This gives them the strength and courage they need to help them endure the resistance and difficulties that will come because of their decision to follow Jesus.

Isa sees Ahmed

ʿĪsā sees Ahmed

Bob, one of our staff, asked his Uber driver, “How long have you been driving for Uber?” Ahmed said since May, after arriving from Saudi…

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Jesus sees Fujila

Jesus sees Fujila

Fujila, a young widow from West Bengal, was an ardent follower of Islamic teachings, but now, instead of Allah, she worships Jesus Christ, and sees…

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Negasi sees Jesus

Negasi sees Jesus

Negasi was an imam at his local mosque, but now he sees that he needs Jesus. For Negasi, everything changed the first time he read…

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Double your donation

Give before May 31st and your generosity will be matched dollar for dollar:
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Bible League Canada brings the Living Word of God into the hands of people around the world. We don't send North Americans on the ground to preach God's Word; we mentor local believers to instill this powerful message within their communities.