A church in every village.
A Bible for every believer.

The need

More villages, more churches, more new believers, and many more Bibles!

This is the prayer of local champions in Cambodia, trained to start new churches in every village they visit.

Local champions are bringing the hope and healing of Jesus to villages that remain scarred by the atrocities committed decades ago by the Khmer Rouge.

The Holy Spirit is moving! All praise and thanks to God: last year 60,000 new believers were baptized in Cambodia and many more are expected this year! Thousands of new believers will be baptized, and they each need their own copy of God’s Word.

You can place Bibles in the hands of new Cambodian believers

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Why a seed fund?

When you give to a “Seed Fund” — a pool of funding that will inspire and encourage our broader base of donors to also become champions – you are helping to raise even more funds.

Our results have proven that when we are able to tell our donors that their gift is matched, effectively “doubling” the number of Bibles, the gifts are 50% larger and the response rate is 100% higher. Your gift will go further by inspiring others to do more!

Your gift will have double the impact: encouraging greater giving by others, and Bibles for persecuted believers.

Give to the seed fund