Train leaders. Share Jesus. Place Bibles.

The need

Your Help is Needed Now

Around the globe, our national partners tell us they have over 5,000 leaders — local champions — who are passionate about reaching out to their own communities, but lack the Bibles and training to do so. Your funding today will inspire others to give AND equip these local champions!


Why a seed fund?

When you give to a “Seed Fund” — a pool of funding that will inspire and encourage our broader base of donors to also become champions – you are helping to raise EVEN MORE funds.

Our results have proven that when we are able to tell our donors that their gift is matched, the gifts are 50% larger and the response rate is 100% higher. Your gift will go further by inspiring others to do more!

Your gift will have double the impact: encouraging greater giving by others, and providing fully trained leaders – local champions – equipped to share the Living Word of God with their communities.

Give to the seed fund