There is an isolated nation in East Asia whose name we cannot publish for our own safety and that of our ministry partners. According to an international watchdog, its strict laws have made it the “most oppressive place in the world for Christians.” Anyone caught practicing their faith is imprisoned, tortured or sent to labour camps, where many end up dead. 

Despite the hostile environment, our ministry partners assure us that believers in this nation are not giving up. The Bible has become a growing source of hope and strength for believers, and a source of curiosity for those who don't yet believe. 


From dark to light

An unnamed official stumbled upon a confiscated Bible that belonged to a 14-year-old boy who had refused to denounce his faith despite being beaten and tortured. Curiosity led him to read the contents of the book, and his life was changed. Now he risks his life to bring the Good News to the forbidden nation and into the hands of other believers. 

In 2016, history was made

2016 marked the first time the full Bible was made available in the country's local language. It was a historic first step, but the work in this country is far from over. With your help, we can continue bringing the Gospel to this forbidden nation. 


Together we can reach the world’s most oppressed!

The people of this nation are counting on us to receive access to the Gospel. Believers are asking for two things: Bibles and prayers.

The cost to place a Bible in the hands of a local believer is only $5. Your contribution of $100 can provide Bibles and much-needed hope to 20 believers.


Transforming a Secret Nation

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The Living Word Transforming Lives

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