Reviving a forgotten Amazon village

Mayan indian native man in jungle Latin American hut

Rosalino, a Quichua Indian from Ecuador, felt called to serve a remote village in the Andes Mountains. Its people had been broken down by hard labour and poverty over many generations. When they turned to hollow tradition for relief, their suffering only deepened. Rosalino knew just what this disheartened village needed to renew hope: the power of the Gospel.

Rosalino completed discipleship training and joined a fellow Church planter, Diego, to travel over the mountains. They were eager to share the Good News in the Amazon Basin, and at the same time, they had no idea how this isolated community would respond.

The two evangelists reached the village and began sharing their faith. They were shocked to be surrounded by policeman one night, accused of coming to steal organs from the town’s children. Rosalino and Diego denied the rumour but they couldn’t escape being thrown in jail.

Sitting in their cell, the evangelists were inspired by the words of Apostle Paul:“Now I want you to know, brothers, that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel.” (Philippians 1:12)

Filled with boldness by the Lord, Rosalino and Diego shared the Gospel with their captors. The policemen were so moved that each one surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. Rosalino and Diego were released from prison and even encouraged in their ministry.

Rosalino and Diego continued to preach in the village, but their troubles were not over. One day a drunken man charged after them, yelling, “Get out of my land!” and threatening their lives. The Lord protected our Church planters, and six months later, this very man accepted Jesus and donated land for the first village chapel.

Today, this remote village in the Amazon Basin is vibrant and rapidly growing. The same hearts that were once steeped in dead tradition are alive with Christ – and they are eager to spread the Word to neighbors!

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