Reach the Untouchables

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For generations, the Hindu caste system dictated an individual’s place in Indian society.

Lilanti was born a Dalit – or an “untouchable” – which meant her place was at the very bottom. She was an “outcaste” and regarded by many as worthless – like a broken tea cup that’s meant to be crushed and discarded.

Today in India, the caste system is officially outlawed. Yet more than 200 million Dalits like Lilanti continue to be reviled, shunned, insulted and abused – simply for being born in the wrong caste.

Imagine what the Good News of God’s unconditional love would mean for Dalits in India! You can help offer someone this transforming message of freedom, acceptance and the real hope in Christ today.

Your gift will equip church planters to share the Gospel with people who are hungry to hear of God’s unconditional love. Your gift today can help transform a life from a “clay cup” into a precious vessel of God’s redeeming love!

During the course of their training, each church planter typically plants 1-3 churches, allowing them reach many more people in their communities in the years to come.

Only with your help can we proclaim the Gospel to those who desperately need to know they are loved – and not cursed – by God. Help share the Good News of Jesus with India’s Dalits today. Your support can help to bring the Good News of Jesus to people who have never heard it. You can help to support us here.