Restore a Christian nation

MA 1115 South Sudan

Help heal children and restore South Sudan to Christ. Your gift helps restore hope and shape a new generation in South Sudan.

No child, who is made in the image of God, should experience deprivation, violence and exploitation. However nearly every child today in South Sudan has grown up in the midst of brutal ethnic conflict where shelling, air attacks and landmines threaten their lives every day. Many have suffered trauma because they have witnessed and experienced violence — including thousands of child soldiers who have been trained to destroy and kill instead of learning to read and write.

This is a tragedy! Children are children — not soldiers.

This situation is especially heartbreaking since South Sudan was founded as a Christian nation and desires to be governed by Biblical principles. If nothing changes, the seeds of hate will continue to grow in the hearts of children — the next generation.

How can the children of South Sudan come to Christ — and experience his love — when the seeds of hate have been freely sown in their communities, their families and their hearts?

Jesus said, “Love your neighbour as yourself” (Matthew 22:39, NIV). That’s our opportunity in South Sudan. The Government of Sudan has invited Bible League Canada to help — because only God through His Word can change the hearts of children. We are also working in joint ministry with the Gideons International in Canada and EduDeo in this war-torn nation.

Please join us to help break the cycle of hate and despair by investing in children — who are the next generation in South Sudan.

Your gift today will help provide children with Raising Hope packages, which include:

  • A Bible and biblical materials that help children understand the forgiveness, reconciliation and hope that are available in Christ
  • The support of trained teachers who will help children heal and learn to forgive others