Priya: An alcoholic’s daughter


After working in the fields all day, Priya’s dad came home drunk—and turned violent. He beat Priya’s mom.

One night, Priya and her mom tried to stop him from drinking at home. Priya’s kicked and slapped them both—and showed no mercy. Nine-year-old Priya managed to escape and ran out of their hut. Sobbing, she raced to a corner of the village and sat down. The marks on her skin burned and ached.  A bible’s club leader named Manita was in the neighborhood and saw Priya crying and asked what the matter was. Shaking and crying, Priya told her the whole story.

Manita walked Priya home. She introduced herself to Priya’s mom and prayed for Priya’s dad. Priya soon began attending Manita’s Bible Club. She loved the songs and stories! At home, Priya told her mom about the love of Jesus.Priya prayed that Jesus would transform her father. And her dad stopped drinking and is no longer abusive!

Today, Priya and her whole family attend church together. Pray that they all receive Jesus their Savior.

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