Prayer Request: Week of September 3rd, 2017

Reaching the Children of Ecuador

Ecuador has seen considerable economic growth over the last 20 years. Some are reaping the benefits of economic prosperity, but this growth has further accentuated the large gap between the wealthy and the poor. Devastating natural disasters and social challenges such as drug and alcohol abuse, a decline in the traditional family and lack of education in impoverished rural communities (“barrios”) – have led to marginalization. Resources in the barrios are scarce, but the biggest poverty experienced is spiritual. Children in the barrios often grow up without strong role models or loving homes. Some are being raised by a single parent, working long hours to make ends meet, or by other family members who try their best. Others are abused by those who are supposed to love them. Without access to proper education, or to the Word of God, these children are left without hope. Thankfully, our ministry partners in Ecuador have started to see transformation in people’s lives and hearts through children’s ministries operating in barrios. Ecuador’s children are ready for change!

Please pray for open doors, open hearts, and boldness!