Prayer Request: Week of September 24th, 2017

The Borana People of northern Kenya

Kenya is one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations, hailed for its rich cultural and ecological diversity. Because Kenya is the fastest-growing economy in East and Central Africa, and official figures claim 80% of its people are Christian, the West often sees Kenya as a prosperous Christian nation, but the Northern villages along the Ethiopian and Somali borders tell a different story. And that is the story of the Borana — an almost forgotten sub-ethnic group of the much larger Oromo ethnic group. Northern Kenya is home to approximately 100,000 Borana people, and an estimated 175,000 more reside in bordering villages. Traditionally they are peaceful farmers, caring for livestock — wandering the region in search of grass to feed their animals. While the Borana share some cultural similarities with the Oromo, who Bible League Canada has been partnering with to provide Bibles in their language, they speak a different language, and only a small percentage of them have heard the Gospel. The need for Christ in the region is greater than ever, as political unrest in Kenya and a growing influence from other religions in neighbouring countries are threatening the Borana. The time is now to reach them with the gospel!

Please pray for open doors, open hearts, and local champions that will bring the message of the gospel!