Prayer Request: Week of September 29, 2018

[Cambodia] Doung Mey was contemplating suicide. She felt helpless and unable to provide for her three children. Her husband was drinking away all of the money they earned and would become violent with the family. Doung Mey did not know how to cope. When she heard local champion Phan Sathea preaching in her village, she was eager to hear the message. Phan Sathea was sharing the words that Jesus spoke when He called all who are burdened to come to Him and find rest. He told Doung Mey that God could fill her with all joy and peace if she would trust in Him. That day, Doung Mey gave her life to Jesus and began to attend church with her children. She began to find joy in her life and was more patient when her husband became quarrelsome. Her husband began to notice a change in her, which opened the door for Doung Mey to share the Gospel with him. Now he is also attending church!

Praise God for the healing words of Jesus Christ for this family!