Prayer Request: Week of October 7th, 2018

[India] Malati is illiterate and as a result was not able to take care of her own banking. One day, she asked a young man to help her deposit 2,500 rupees but instead of depositing it in to her account, he put the money into his own. When Malati told her husband what happened, he was furious. Something needed to change. Malati signed up for an Adult Literacy Class in her neighbourhood. In class, she learned to read, and her teacher taught her how to complete all the forms at the bank. Most importantly, Malati began to attend a worshipping group from the class, where she was moved by the presentation of the Gospel and before long, received Jesus as her Saviour. She now owns her own Bible, which she treasures and reads regularly while praying for the salvation of her family.

Please give thanks for caring teachers eager to share the Gospel, and empower women like Malati with practical knowledge.