Prayer Request: Week of November 4th, 2018

“I run a secret home church out of my apartment in China. One day, a neighbour complained to the police about our church meetings. Police came and forced us to stop meeting immediately. Our landlord threatened to evict me if we didn’t stop the church. We fasted, prayed and worshipped for three days. During this time, the Holy Spirit moved me to ask a respected local resident, Jian, for advice. Jian convinced her husband to call the district police office on our behalf. He told the police that this church meeting point was convenient for his 70-year-old wife who had difficulty travelling. He politely told them that if they had any further questions they could speak to Jian or himself because they were responsible for the church. Since then, we have had no problems with the police or our landlord! But we still carefully worship in secret — as do many other churches in China.”

Please pray for the many challenges facing the church in China.