Prayer Request: Week of November 24th, 2019

When her father fell very ill, she took him across the border to better hospitals and doctors, even though the language barrier made communicating with doctors very difficult. His recovery was very slow. She spent many hours paging through picture magazines to pass the time. Then, underneath the magazines, she discovered a book in her own language. A Bible! A Bible meant Christian teachings, forbidden in her home. But, she wasn’t AT home. Her curiosity overruled her fear. She read the chapters over and over again. The Good News of Jesus Christ caused her heart to sing. She knew that JESUS was whom she was meant to follow. Knowing that she would face much opposition for this decision, she prayed that God would protect her in her newfound belief. Her heart was so full.

Please pray for perseverance in the face of hardship, and that her joy in Christ will give her boldness.