Prayer Request: Week of May 12th, 2019

Fujila, a young widow from West Bengal, was an ardent follower of Islamic teachings, but now, instead of Allah, she worships Jesus Christ, and sees her worth and value through His eyes. But it was not without great cost. Fujila’s safe, happy family fell apart when her husband died. Life became very difficult. She fasted and prayed to Allah five times a day for his mercy and grace, but nothing eased her pain. Fujila struggled to face her new reality. How would her family survive? During these early days of widowhood, when most people considered Fujila a bad omen and avoided her, Sabina, a local church planter, faithfully visited with her. As they shared their circumstances and trials with each other, Fujila asked questions.

Please pray for this young mother, that the answers to her questions would help her to see Jesus clearly!