Prayer Request: Week of July 21st, 2019

14-year-old Diana, in Armenia, says, “I learned about God for the first time when I attended a Bible camp in the summer. Then, to learn more, I started attending the weekly Sunday group with about 50 other kids. At our meetings, we sing, play, and learn Bible lessons. I got very sick this past January, and in the hospital I was praying that Jesus would heal me, when I heard a voice say, ‘Do not be afraid, I love you very much.’ I remembered the Bible stories from Sunday school where God promises to never forsake me, and how I must love Him and always pray. When my parents came to visit me, I told them how God talked to me. When the doctor visited me, he saw that I had no fever! Now I tell everyone that it was because of Jesus: He heals the sick and loves children very much.”

Please pray for these summer Bible camps that lead not only children to Jesus, but impacts their families as well!