In India, Dakshya’s family life was shattered when his parents died. Just a teenager, he was suddenly all alone. He had an older brother, but he refused to take care of Dakshya, even when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Growing weaker by the day, Dakshya felt hopeless, stopped eating, and simply waited to die. Then, in the depths of his despair, Dakshya heard Jabalah speaking God’s Word, and was overcome with emotion. Jabalah, trained and equipped to start new churches, felt compassion for him, and explained that Jesus came to show love to people just like him. Jabalah read to him from his Bible and prayed for him. Dakshya couldn’t believe this man would show him such kindness when his own brother kept his distance.

Please pray for men and women like Jabalah, who are the hands and feet of Jesus in their community!