Prayer Request: Week of March 5th, 2017

A life transformed.

At age 23, Gor seemed to have it all. This young Armenian loved the respect he had in his city’s criminal underworld. On any given day, you could find him at luxurious parties or drinking at a raucous bar. He had a great life, or so it seemed. But, as he told his friend Petros, he felt overpowered by the emptiness of his life. Since he was drunk all the time, he didn’t even know how his life was passing. So Gor made the decision to run away from that life. Before he left the city, Petros invited him to church. He was very interested in the Gospel after his first visit, so Petros invited him to his Bible study class. It was here that Gor came into a relationship with Christ. He didn’t realize that he had been living in so much sin. “I am very thankful to have the chance to help Gor in his journey with God,” exclaims Petros. “I am also grateful for the [Bible resources] that Bible League Canada provided which gives us a chance to help people like Gor and many others.”

Please pray for Gor, and for Petros as they continue to share the message of Jesus Christ in Armenia!