Prayer Request: Week of April 9th, 2017

“…old men will dream dreams.”

In Africa right now there is a growing swell of people who have left their Muslim faith for the Kingdom of God. Zuwail is one of these new followers of Jesus. He was raised in a Muslim family, grew up to become an Islamic religious leader in his hometown, and built numerous mosques across the region. “Not very many people were Christians in my area,” he says. “The majority were Muslims.” That’s when Jesus reached out to Zuwail. “I started to see dreams,” he remembers. “I would see someone dressed in a robe singing and speaking to me.” Through these dreams Zuwail gave his heart to Christ. “I know Jesus Christ is my life and He controls my heart,” says Zuwail. “My heart and my life is His and I am walking with Him. I believe the truth and will speak the truth. I am 60 years old and I have been able to convert many people from Islam to Christianity.”

Please pray for Zuwail and others like him, whose hearts are being stirred. Pray that they will answer the call of Jesus!