Prayer Request: Week of April 30th, 2017

The multiplication effect

“People have to go to their own people to reach them,” says Mustafa, a former Muslim. “The best Christian missionaries are from Muslim backgrounds, and they go to their families and bring the Gospel to the community.” Mustafa recently attended a baptism and explains the multiplication effect of each new convert. “Many young people were baptized,” says Mustafa. “After one or two weeks, each of them brought back five or six people. Together they brought back more than 100 people!” Mustafa’s dream is to see the entire town convert to Jesus. But to see that dream become a reality, Mustafa and other local champions across Africa need our support. In Genesis, God made a promise to Ishmael, the ancestor to Muslims. “I will surely bless him,” God says. God honours His promises. We believe we are living in a time where our Creator God is moving powerfully among the descendants of Ishmael to bring them into His Kingdom.

Please join us in prayer and be a part of fulfilling God’s promises to Ishmael’s descendants!