Prayer Request: Week of April 23rd, 2017

Brothers and sisters in Christ!

Zuwail, a Muslim in Africa, recently converted to Christianity, shares that the Kingdom of God offered something he’d always longed for, and now he wants to tell his community about how Jesus satisfies this deep, inner need. Christians like Zuwail, who were once Muslim, can speak the Good News to their family and friends in a way that truly connects at the heart level. “Because of the love of Christ, anyone who believes is a brother and sister,” says Zuwail. “We are united together. We are one. When I was a Muslim, I always had a longing to have something like this. Now, I have the desire for my Muslim community to have the same faith I have.”

Please pray for Zuwail as he reaches out to his community and shares the life giving message of Jesus Christ and His love for them.