Prayer Request: Week of April 16th, 2017

Following the risen Lord!

With Islam spreading at an ever-accelerating speed in Africa, there are entire regions that are Muslim strongholds. But converts to Christianity show the work of the Gospel as it moves through the African continent. In the face of persecution, these new believers need hope. As a minority in their own communities, they hunger for the Scripture, the Living Word to turn to for strength, guidance and encouragement. Bible League Canada supports this ministry by providing Bibles to men and women whom God is reaching within the Muslim community “Pray for strength and resources so that the Kingdom of God can continue to expand in these areas,” asks Mustafa, a former Muslim. Every new believer wants and needs a Bible: as Muslims, they memorized every word of the Quran to sustain and support their faith. Now that they follow the risen Lord Jesus, they need His Words and His Truth to fill their hearts and minds. They want to memorize and take to heart the Living Word.

Please pray that the Bibles they need to sustain their faith will be provided.