Online Resources for Spiritual Growth


When we were young, we were taught to bring our Bibles to church. This is still very much a practice today, but the physical Bible has changed over the years. Now when we are asked to open our Bibles to a verse or passage, the sound of ruffling pages has begun to be replaced with people searching for their phones. Today, there are online resources that can help and guide us in our spiritual growth. From devotionals to worship songs to online sermons, individuals and families can take the Word of God with them wherever they go.


GodTube is an online video platform that allows people to upload and view safe family-friendly content. Similar to YouTube, GodTube is a way for people to listen to music, access devotionals,  listen to sermons, and catch snippets of television shows from Christian based channels! There are also programs for children that allow them to learn more about God.

Mobile Apps

Thousands of mobile apps are created every year, including apps that are Christian-based. YouVersion is one of the most popular Bible apps which allows people to be able to read the Bible on their phone. You can search for specific passages, access a daily verse and read and compare different versions of the Bible.

PrayerMate is also a very popular app that helps people keep track of prayer requests. Every day you are reminded to pray for a person or circumstance, based on the prayer requests that are typed into the app. This is an awesome resource for pastor’s who are continually ministering to those both in and outside of their congregation. Tim Challies, an author, blogger and pastor, talks about his experience with using PrayerMate and how it has changed how he prays for his family, friends and congregation.


Christian literature has become increasingly popular over the years! Now, many books written by Christian leaders can be downloaded and read on computers and eReaders, or be listened to as an audiobook. This is allowing people to take books with them so that they can continue to read and learn more about God.

Bible Study

Bible League Canada offers a powerful Bible Study tool called InScriptInScript promotes clear and simple reading while allowing side-by-side language and version comparisons, powerful search options, over 1,200 maps and images, original language dictionaries and more.

Technology has changed dramatically over the years, allowing more and more people to have access to Christian resources and information that they may not have had access to before. We need to be always learning more about God and the plans that he has for us, and these resources can help us do just that!

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.

2 Timothy 3:16 (ESV)