Celebrating Canada – Prepared for a Purpose
Discover God’s fingerprints in our national story.

July 1 is Canada’s 157th birthday! Dominion Day!

Throughout early Canadian history, we see that our nation’s leaders and the architects of our society have consistently recognized the foundation of Jesus Christ and His Word.

It’s etched in stone in the Peace Tower, formed in glass in the windows, written in ink in our constitution and Charter of Rights, and sung in the words of our national anthem. All of these aspects of Canadian history recognize God’s supremacy and the importance of His Word.

As Canadian Christians, it’s important we understand the history of God’s work in our nation so we can continue to share His grace and love with our neighbours. That’s why we want you to have this excerpt from One Dominion, Celebrating Canada—Prepared for a Purpose, which beautifully captures some of these moments of Canadian history.

It’s the perfect gift for celebrating Canada’s 157th birthday!

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