Negasi sees Jesus

Negasi sees Jesus

Negasi was an imam at his local mosque, but now he sees that he needs Jesus. For Negasi, everything changed the first time he read the Bible. He saw Jesus clearly. “It was like honey for me, and I could not get enough.”

The Lord came to Negasi in visions, and his attempts to share what he had experienced frightened his wife and friends. In their fear, they beat him, bound him and were about to drop him into a gorge. But Negasi’s prayers to the God revealed in his visions enabled him to walk away. But where to? His family rejected him. He had lost the respect of his community.

Thankfully, and miraculously, God provided encounters with Christians to help Negasi receive the Bible and the training he needed to see Jesus clearly and fully know Him. “I know God prepared this training for me, and prepared me for this training,” he said. “Years ago, I memorized the Quran, but now, I need to learn and memorize the Bible even more.”

Former Muslims are becoming followers of Jesus Christ, and they are seeing Jesus more clearly through the Bible. Bible League Canada is placing Bibles in their hands so God can place His Word in their hearts – that is what they need to help them endure the difficulties that will come because of their decision to follow Jesus.

Jesus already sees them. You can help them see Jesus clearly by providing Bibles.

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