Loved and Accepted


In her young life, Eldina has already known heartbreak. As a very young child, she watched as alcohol and drug abuse tore her family and home apart. Eldina went to live with her grandparents, who loved her dearly, but she felt a deep sadness not feeling wanted by her own parents.

As she grew up, the pain inside was also growing. When Eldina’s mother was sent to prison, Eldina became more despondent and depressed. “I was so young, full of life, yet I did not want to live anymore,” says Eldina.

Eventually, Eldina’s mother went to rehabilitation, stopped using drugs, and even became a Christian. When her mother explained God’s love to her, Eldina could not understand. All the years of loneliness and pain had taken its toll. Then, Eldina attended a Christian youth camp and met God for the first time! There she experienced God’s love, but also felt loved and accepted by the Christian leaders at the camp. Through this, Eldina began dealing with all of the hurt, pain and suffering she felt in her young life. “God healed me and helped me to let it all go and forgive.”

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