A life turned upside down

Olga and family

It is so encouraging to hear the stories of lives being transformed all around the world by the Living Word of God. We recently received a story from Russia of a young lady named Olga. Olga is a 31- year old mother of two. She writes…

My life though short, yet is very bitter. I have gone through a lot.

My childhood was normal..childcare, school. I was born during tumultuous times for the country – during Perestroika. There were many shortages in our family. I thought when I grow up I will have my family, children and all will be good, not like it was with my parents. I finished school, went to work, met a man who I thought loved me very much and married him. Things got bad – he started to drink and beat me. The birth of our first son didn’t bring any happiness into our family. The main thing that oppressed me was the lack of understanding by anybody, that and loneliness. I shed many tears. I was always looking for a better life, but didn’t know where to find it until I met believers.

The first meeting with believers raised more questions than giving answers.  But one thing that touched me was that they were different. They have a different worldview, they are certain and at peace. They gave me a booklet “Who’s God?” It is such a small booklet but it turned my life upside down. It whetted my appetite, I wanted more. Thus I came to church. I didn’t seem to have time, but I still started to attend a Bible study group. They gave me my first Bible as a gift. A new life opened up!

Again there were tears, but tears of joy.”

“Here I found real life, life with God.”

“There was no understanding for me in my family. The pressure was severe. I was not allowed to visit church, there were many fights and accusations like I was trapped by a cult, but the Word of God and prayers helped. Brothers and sisters in the church also prayed for me. Slowly I gained confidence and my soul found a backbone. I went through the Scripture studies program, got to know God better and was baptized.

Wonderful changes came into my family. A second child was born, but more importantly my husband changed and I became different. I realized that quarrels and fights are not what life consists of. I discovered what true love is all about. And even though I am still not accepted by relatives properly, I am happy that there are changes in my family. My husband is not only permitting me to attend church, but he himself has started to come with me – and this is truly a miracle! Now I am still crying at times but more out of joy.

I have found life. Gradually I gain strength for witnessing. My friends give me their looks of disapproval and consider me crazy, but I still distribute booklets and talk about God.  But more important is that in my home there is the Word of God. I work with my children. We use the children’s Bible with our own children as well as with others. I think that through God’s word for children the parents also can be reached and this is my goal I live for today.”

Please join us in praising God for the transformation in Olga’s life, and lift up Olga and the ministry in Russia in prayer.

“…I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

John 10:10 (NIV)