Learning to Read


In India, one in four adults cannot read.  The percentages are even worse if you are a woman or living in poverty.  For millions of people in India even a basic education is often out of reach.

That is why Adult Literacy Classes are so vital as they provide education to the people of India while introducing them to a God who loves them and wants so much more for them.

On Tuesday, the group of Bible League Canada donors and staff visiting the ministry in India had the chance to attend some of these Adult Bible-based Literacy Classes to see just what kind of impact these programs are having in the lives of men and women.

Knowing how to read is something that many of us may take for granted but for many in India’s lower classes the ability to read and write is worth giving up hours of their time every evening.  It is worth it because that ability gives them access to so much more in their society.

Ashley, a Bible League Canada staff member, shared her experience in one of the classrooms:

My heart is so full after visiting the Adult literacy class. The room was filled with incredibly bold and beautiful women learning how to read for the first time in life! Their passion for learning and new found faith in Jesus was truly inspiring. One woman shared how happy she is in life now! Another woman talked about being able to help her children in school. One woman stood up and while grasping her Bible exclaimed, ‘I know how to read this now!’ Such transformation and identify found in the love of Christ. These women are true heroes and I have been touched by their courage and strength.”

Not only are the men and women in these classes learning to read and write up to a fifth grade level they are also receiving training in some vital practical skills like personal hygiene and running a small business.  The most important aspect though, is that they are being introduced to the love of Christ.  For many of them this is their first time learning about a God who loves them.  It is a liberating experience when compared to many of the other religious practices in India which would tell them that they cannot and should not try to improve their station in life.

It was an incredible experience for the group travelling India to see the joy on the faces of the people in these classes.  For many the joy is not just at the fact that they can now read and write but at the fact that they now know a God who loves and cares for them.