Latin America

A diverse region with many social issues, yet churches are spreading the Gospel and being the light in these communities.

The multiplication effect in Latin America

Social issues like poverty, internally displaced people, crime and homicides, and a massive drug trade are realities that many Latin Americans face. A 2015 Congressional Research Service report estimates at least 80,000 people have been killed due to organized crime related incidents since 2006. Latin America is the most violent region in the world in terms of per capita homicides. Each country has different needs, but all needs can be met by Jesus Christ.

We are seeing encouraging signs, however. For example, Brazil’s Christian population is growing, but there is a serious shortage of church leaders and training. The youth often turn to gangs for a sense of belonging. Local churches and ministry programs is really the only way to counter this need for belonging.

Our work in Latin America

Children's Ministry
Starting New Churches

Total Scriptures placed last year

Local champions trained last year

What Latin America needs

  • Further training for local champions and churches to better engage communities.
  • More new churches to be started to counteract the corruption and spread the Gospel.

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