Jesus sees Fujila

Jesus sees Fujila

Fujila, a young widow from West Bengal, was an ardent follower of Islamic teachings, but now, instead of Allah, she worships Jesus Christ, and sees her worth and value through His eyes. But it was not without great cost.

Fujila’s safe, happy family fell apart when her husband died. She fasted and prayed to Allah five times a day for his mercy and grace, but nothing eased her pain. Fujila struggled to face her new reality. How would her family survive?

During these early days of widowhood, when most people considered Fujila a bad omen and avoided her, Sabina, a local church planter, faithfully visited with her. At first, Fujila was suspicious about Sabina’s religious convictions. But as they shared their circumstances and trials with each other, Fujila asked questions.

Sabina joyfully shared about God’s will for His people, and His plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. Knowing that Fujila was Muslim, she read verses from the Quran which confirmed the divinity of Jesus Christ. Fujila was a bit confused, but she could discern the truth that Sabina was sharing. Sabina gave her a Bible. And everything changed.

Reading through the New Testament with Sabina, Fujila realized, “Jesus sees me!” Long before she ever knew she needed a Saviour, Jesus saw her! Like a cloud that had been lifted, with a clear mind and unwavering faith, she confessed her sins and received Jesus as her Saviour. Her conversion may lead to problems with her neighbours, so she has been very careful. But she carefully watches and listens for opportunities to speak to other women like herself.

“Jesus sees them, too!”

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