ʿĪsā sees Ahmed

Isa sees Ahmed

Bob, one of our staff, asked his Uber driver, “How long have you been driving for Uber?”

Ahmed said since May, after arriving from Saudi Arabia with his family. When the topic turned to the recent demand of the Saudi government for all Saudis in Canada to return home, Ahmed shook his head sadly, and said, “Every Saudi I knew here has left, but I was a journalist in Saudi Arabia, and my family would be in danger. Most of the time we just stay in our apartment. We have no friends.”

Bob’s heart broke for Ahmed. Bob asked if he had heard of ʿĪsā —Jesus, in Arabic. Ahmed nodded, he was a great prophet.

Bob said, “ʿĪsā sees you, loves you very much, and draws close to the lonely. Have you ever read the Injil (the Gospels)? The Quran many true things about ʿĪsā, but that fact that He is the Son of God who died for us on the cross is taught in the Injil. You know the Quran instructs Mohammed’s followers to read the Injil?” Ahmed responded, “As a Muslim, I don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God, or that He died on the cross.” Bob regretted that he did not have a copy of the New Testament in Arabic to give him, but encouraged Ahmed to read the Injil so he would know what it teaches about Jesus. Ahmed said he would.

Bob asked if he could pray for him. When Ahmed nodded, Bob asked God’s blessing on Ahmed and his family and for the Lord to relieve their isolation. Bob closed the prayer in the name of ʿĪsā.

With tears in his eyes, Ahmed thanked Bob for praying. “I wish you were my passenger every evening.”

There is great need to provide the Living Word of God to people who need to see Jesus clearly. Please pray for those who know of Jesus but don’t yet see Him. Pray for those isolated from their families or persecuted because of their beliefs. They are in our neighbourhoods and around the world. God sees them. Pray that God opens our eyes so we see them, too.

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