A region of increasing persecution, yet resilient hope.

The largest region of unreached people

One third of all the unreached people groups in the world live in India. There is a lot of work to do!

Despite having one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India faces major challenges such as poverty and illiteracy, and has a rapidly increasing rate of persecution. There is a current push to outlaw Christianity and eliminate its presence. Bible League Canada, through our Joint Ministry Partners, are best equipped for continuing to reach the people of India, even in light of a coming wave of resistance.

Our work in India

Total Scriptures placed last year

New Followers of Jesus last year

What India needs

  • Millions of Bibles. The need is great and the supply cannot keep up.
  • New churches to provide the strength and support for Christians in light of the rising persecution.

You can transform India with the Living Word of God

  • $45 sends 1 adult to a Bible-based literacy class
  • $60 provides 12 Bibles, or sends 3 children to a Bible club
  • $100 helps equip and train a local champion

Become a Cornerstone partner by pledging a monthly contribution of $40 or more.

Stories of transformation in India

Monika, In India

Raju, In India

Adult Literacy In India

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