Pray for Canada

Pray for Canada! We have seen that this simple act is enough for Christ to transform hearts, lives and circumstances. Join us in praying for our country in the following areas:

  • Our Government: Pray that God will guide our politicians and elections, and that the Spirit will be present in all local and national decisions that affect Canada.
  • Our Growing Communities: There are few churches to support our rapidly growing cities. Pray for more spiritual workers to bring discipleship to Canada's diverse urban communities.
  • Our People: Canada welcomes immigrants of all backgrounds, and this gives us an unprecedented opportunity to share Jesus' message. Pray that God will call Christians to reach out to their neighbours to share the Good News.


Prayer requests

Prayer Request for week of October 10th, 2016

October 10, 2016

[Ethiopia] If given access to Bibles in their native language, Yaki and other Amharic-speaking Ethiopians could learn what God truly says. They’d be freed from religious leaders who abuse the community’s inability to read the Bible and thereby question the rules and laws given to them. But Amharic Bibles are scarce. For the very first…

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Prayer Request: Week of October 2nd, 2016

October 4, 2016

[Ethiopia] Yaki glances outside her open front door as she prepares breakfast for her three children. Her eyes rest on a dusty spot just a dozen steps from her home. It’s here, under the relentless Ethiopian sun, that her late husband rests. To Yaki, it feels like just yesterday that she said goodbye, but on…

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Prayer Request: A Pastor in India is persecuted but still pressing on

April 5, 2016

We have received the following information from our partners in India. Please join us in prayer. Persecuted Pastor in Uttar Pradesh, India Keeps Sights on Christ (as reported by Morning Star News) Hindu extremists have vandalized his shop, threatened to kill him, attacked his wife and daughter, forced him to bow to Hindu idols and…

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