Help start new churches in China

Brother Wei, China

Share the Gospel and start new churches in China today. Your gift provides training and support to empower local champions to share the Gospel.

Jesus promised that nothing could stand in the way of building His Church.

In China, the expression of Christian faith is tightly controlled. Followers of Christ who choose to worship in house churches can be harassed, jailed and persecuted.

Despite the ongoing threat of persecution, the Church in China is determined to share the Good News of Jesus in a nation where people are restless and ready for spiritual awakening.

Brother Wei felt called to share the Gospel among one of many minority groups that live in China.

Many people in this remote region of the country have never heard of Jesus Christ. With God’s help, there is an opportunity for a great awakening in this region.

To help reach this group, God used Brother Wei to plant a church and start a school for children who otherwise would never have the chance for a basic education.

“I was not planning to start a school for the kids there,” says Brother Wei. “But when I visited people’s homes I found out their need for education of their kids.”

Responding to this need, Brother Wei found a room in town and furnished it with some plastic stools for the children to sit on. It was a small start, but parents were thrilled to have this opportunity for education. Just a few months later, the school had 27 children studying in a building with two classrooms, a kitchen and a living space for the teacher.

Then, Brother Wei started a house church in the school building. Sixty people soon gathered there for worship, twice the government limit.

After six months, government officials confronted Brother Wei, closed the school and forced him to leave the province. But the church continues as a bright light and transforming presence in the community.

Through Bible League Canada, you can help train and equip courageous local Christians in China, like Brother Wei, to share their faith and start new churches.

Please respond today and help provide Christians with the strength that comes from the Living Word of God.