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Being unable to reassure local champions in the field that their work can continue is heartbreaking. They are face to face with thousands of people clamouring for the words of hope and reassurance from Jesus found only in the Bible.

You can provide a Bible – the Living Word of God — every month to anxious and inquiring people around the world. Will you become a monthly donor champion and say YES! to sustaining ministry work?


You can help people just like this -


Aria, a local champion, eagerly shares the Good News of Jesus, but she is short on Bibles.


Loysa, a children’s ministry volunteer, doesn’t have Bibles for the kids that ask for one of their very own.


Aadrik, literacy teacher, reads aloud from his Bible because he doesn’t have spare copies for the class.

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The Living Word Transforming Lives

Bible League Canada places the Living Word of God into the hands of people around the world. We don't send North Americans on the ground to preach God's Word, we mentor local believers - local champions - to instill this powerful message within their own communities.